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Do you want to improve in Archery?

British Olympian Patrick Huston OLY is a passionate archer, who loves to share his knowledge of Olympic recurve style archery and teaches technical practices and Archery philosophy. Huston Archery is your route to achieve improvement, no matter what level you are at learning from a 3x World Champion and World Record Holder.


Teaching seminars or to-face coaching is where Patrick is at his best but Patrick’s athletes find long-distance video calls tremendously effective for continuing improvement. His training plans and exercise selection gives his athletes rapid improvements whilst they learn a broad number of physical and mental mechanisms to improve performance.


Get in touch today if you are interested in some coaching, attending or hosting seminars/workshops, or for speaking arrangements.

In just 3 years I have taken Callum from complete beginner to an international medallist.

Are you interested in improving your archery, at whatever level, with any bow style, please get in touch! Recurve, Flatbow, Longbow and barebow style shooters are guaranteed to learn lots from any education by Patrick Huston

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