What is it?

So you've probably heard of regular archery, and maybe thought it sounded a bit too difficult or dangerous

Soft Archery is the really fun (and safe) version! We use foam tipped arrows and low strength bows to let people enjoy archery in a totally safe environment. Our staff will give you easy-to-follow instructions to get your arrows on target quickly.


Practice your shooting and just enjoy the simple pleasure of the bow and arrow, without having to worry about precision or technicalities. We can provide different formats, games and team events to give a more competitive edge!

Soft Archery can be done both indoors or outdoors. We can cater for groups of up to 15 archers at a time, with all kit and equipment provided. Pretty much anyone can do Soft Archery, from ages eight to one hundred and eight!

We offer Soft Archery at our centre at the British Ironwork Centre near Oswestry, but we also offer a mobile service where we bring our kit to you. We also have a special offer for Businesses for our Soft Archery Lunchtime Tasters!

Visit our Booking Page for the dates and times available


Tuesday 13th August

13.00           15.00          17.00


Friday 16th August

13.00           15.00          17.00

Saturday 17th August - GRAND OPENING EVENT!

10.00          12.00          14.00          15.00          17.00

Combat Archery and Soft Archery are activities provided by Patrick Huston Ltd. - registered with Companies House
(Company Registration No NI634389). Patrick Huston Ltd. is a fully insured leisure provider with highly experienced, and insured staff.  

All activities are carried out at the participants own risk. Waiver forms will be required from participants, and any potential medical issues are expected to be raised with instructors prior to any activities being carried out. All physical activities carry potential risks and dangers which participants must be aware of at all times.

Any enquiries should be directed to:
Phone: 01952 303035